Tuesday, October 21, 2008

art auction event

ok i can breath now but forgive me if im still grinning like a silly cat... anyways i can now properly blog about the Art and Auction Cocktails event that i went to last thursday, it was held at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. it was a special invite from Jing and Roanna of Nuffnang Philippines (thanks guys it was nice meeting both of yah). In fairness they are bringing billboards to the next level and i really liked the idea. organized by 2nd medial communications, a non-stock, non profit organization which aims to promote awareness that billboards are channels for communication and not just tools for advertising.

i was like wow shusyal, an art and auction event! but i am an art connoisseur just like mi amiga malen, art is not new to me... im an artist noh LOL. meet up with reynz, malen, and mitchie sa ibaba ng fully booked, err dun pala sa tapat ng kenneth cole (magshopping sana ang lola reynz kaso dumating na ako, di na nabayaran un shoes na nagustuhan!) heniways after chika chika, lafang agad ang mga lola, parang PG (free ang food eh hehehe) and yum i love the lasagna!

see, feelingera ang mga lola, but i was really eyeing the blue abstract painting, i liked it. actually reyna elena nga already wrote 15k check to make sure me ma-bid syang art noh.

*in a kris aquino tone* shucks i love to attend blog events na! free food, freebies, and best of all we got some mullah. hay life is beautiful (hmmm gosh feels like im one big freeloader LOL - wapakels)

and the event was just a tip of the iceberg noh, after that we had a wine drinking session at Brava till the wee hour and the rest is history! :D

it's fun rin pala to attend this kind of event, its like bloggers EB on a larger scale. also met chickenmafia and lizz. but one big lesson i learned and mastered from reyna elena - KEEP THE SOCIAL CLIMBING ALIVE!

PS. all photos take from mynosebleed.com

4 meow:

reyna elena said...

hehehe i'll blog about more of them when i get back to the US na lang hahahah had i known na ganun ang event na yun, nag-toga sana ako na me kom ladwe sa noo ko hahahaha para alam nang tao hahaha

charlbert said...

teka... bakit kayo lang invited?? hay buhay

Shawie said...

awwwws, social ha? lol! good for you guyz, I love conventions and the experiences it bring:)

pusa said...

@reyna - nyahahahaha hmmm anu kaya pd ko kostyum un parang maskot ang dating pag na-attend ng ganyan event?

@charlbert - hmm baka naman napunta sa spam ang invitation mo?

@shawie - honga ngayon ko lang narealize ok pala talaga attend attend ng chorvaley events na ganito :)


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