Thursday, October 30, 2008

the one who owns the mysterious shoe

meet the one who owns the mysterious shoe - none other than the queen!!! i was really shocked when i saw that shoe in his car, for one i know that he's not going out with girls aside from me and malen (her majesty's ceremonial chorvaleys) so that shoe belonging to a girl is way out of the question. besides she doesn't date gurls noh! its against her religion haller! after a while, i throw an accusing look at reynz and using my miss tapia voice i said, "what the heck is this shoe doing here? i though you dont wear women stuff, and when i mean women stuff that included women shoes!!!" the queen just then smiled and laugh maniacally and suddenly her crown turned into this redish thingy! dang the queen in drag, no way!!! am sure tita mega will scream like a banshee if she finds this out! LOL

PS. that shoe really belong to one of reynz friends :) and no that friend aint me, haller puro licensed to kill ang shoes ko noh! hehehe

3 meow:

reyna elena said...

hahaha! so now you know my secret! pero wiz ko pa rin sasabihin kung saang kanto ako nakatayo for my customers hehehe!

kyels said...

The mystery has been unearthed!


YoungCan said...

Mareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee salamat sa mga padala! Sana pera ang ipinadala mo ng hindi naman nakakahiya sa kanyang royal kindness na pinagbuhat nyo!


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