Sunday, October 12, 2008

FALLing in LOVE with YOU

“Meeting you was fate, 
becoming your friend was a choice, 
but falling in love with you 
I had no control over.”

8 meow:

Edong said...

Galing! Galing! *clap* *clap*

Edong said...

Galing! Galing! *clap* *clap*

Sidney said...

You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well.
-Author Unknown-

Kyels said...

Oh, galing! Guess when you found someone whom you really love, life's really different, di ba?


nilo said...

Meow...mukhang IN LOVE ka ...meow ;)

mogLi said...

hindi naman kaya masyadong makabagbag damdamin itong post na ito,ah!
ps. parang may bago sa blog mo..ah, yung background! :)

carlotta said...

mare, that is such a strong quote. :D

skippyheart said...

uuuyy ganda nito--tulad mo! ;)


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