Friday, January 18, 2008

road trip - part 2

in continuation of my road trip to follow the sun or the viaje del sol, we finally reached kusina salud and as i've said, the trip is worth it... they offer really good food and the staff are accomodating but what really attracted me to the place is its old style house with antique collections, and the place is surronded by trees and plants, your sensual and gustatory glands will surely appreciate this place :)

kusina salud is owned and operated by patis tesoro, the renowned fashion designer and advocate of indigenous fabrics. They also offer lunch buffet every sunday for only 395 per person.

meron kaya halimaw sa banga? if you'd notice they do have a mini aviary and would love to check out the garden but since it was raining we just headed inside to eat, after all we are already starving!


main lobby

reception, old school fon o. i really like the place they have lots of antique carved wood figurines

ok so we ordered their best seller, carabao salpicao... first time to eat carabao meat and it is delicious and tender, you should try it if you're going to visit kusina salud

also tried their seafood karekare

food trip... also included in their specialty is fiddlehead fern (pako) salad! of course we didnt ordered that one! :) i also loved their iced tea pandan flavored.

yosi sa silong, busog na

another dining table for a big group, it just seem that we're the only patron in the photos but i'm telling yah, they do have lots of customers... this table was just cleared when i took the photo

smoking area, not allowed to smoke inside the house itself

the smiling buddha

staircase, customers not allowed to go upstairs, didnt bother to ask why so just ask them yourself when you get there ok and get back to me ;)

big window, i really love these kind of old school windows


nude gurl

leading to patio

i'm fascinated with those heads hanging in the post

still checkin out the heads

heads uli



my friend lisa here is praying to buddha - help her find a boyfriend!

a bit crazy sometimes but she's sane i can vouch for that! minimum qualification - guys with masteral degree, PhD after your name is a big plus... for further inquiries drop me a note, i only get 10% commission here. LOL

about to leave kusina salud fully energized... me singing in the rain - under my umbrella ella ella

oh btw you can download the viaje del sol map here, after you reach any of the places included in the itinerary for the viaje del sol, they will give you a big and colorful map as a guide and will also help you in giving directions how to go to the next stop... which in our case is the sampaloc lake

7 meow:

Black_Mamba said...

Ang tangkad tankad naman pala ng pusa, baka hanggang balikat mo lang ako lol..........

Sarap naman nung kare kare, naglalaway na ata ako hehe :)

Pretty Life Online said...

thanks for te info pretty girlash... we'll go there when we go to Philippines, my sister is living in laguna din kasi... musta na beauty natin jan? bisita sa castle!

Ambo said...

panalo yung mapa na yun! biglang bumulaga sa akin akala ko kasama si captain hook! hahaha. Ang ganda naman jan sa kusina ni aling salud. Parang gusto kong pumunta jan ah. hmmm...

pusa said...

@ivy - LOL mukha lang ako matangkad! oo sarap un lkaer kare nila

@pretty - hayan di kayo maliligaw pag pumunta kayo dun hehehehe

@ambo - uy napadalaw =) oo sarap punta dun lalo cguro kun wala ulan

carlotta1924 said...

i've been there some years before pero hindi para kumain. merong bazaar nun. ganda nga jan =)

Tina said...

i enjoyed the photos thanks puss
how do i get to salud's kitchen
where exactly is it? try to go there
next time i visit pinas.

Anonymous said...

sana makarating kami dyan :D


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