Monday, May 04, 2009

hello kitty iPhone theme i want

arg i really really want this hello kitty iPhone theme and i have downloaded the file already but it says here that your iPhone needs to be jailbreak first and then you need to install other stuff in order to change the theme! arg i hate that i am not a technical geek, i could study and and pwede ko karirirn how to jailbreak my iPhone but the thing is meow iPhone is locked with globe with a 1 year warranty but if you alter or install stuff or jailbreak it and something happens to the phone, they will not replace it or whatever... anyone there can help me? or should i wait until december to get this uber cute hello kitty theme?

3 meow:

yami said...

Hi. how are you na? :) bihira ka na mag-update... :)

frondizi said...

dont do it pag nagjailbreak ka and if ever masira phone mo... panu na yun di ba... gawin mo na lng muna xang wallpaper to satisfy urself :D

Anonymous said...

You can find it her


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