Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Do you still remember your high school and college days wherein it seems that every subject you’ve had and every teacher or professor required you to submit essay as a project or an assignment? I even remember that most writing subjects and even history and political subjects would include essay type questionnaires in our examination papers. Sometimes writing those essays were just a breeze but most of the time I ended up scratching my head especially on how to begin my essay. Essay should be informative and fun to read, but I also like essays that pose a question to its reader, but as a student then, I was not very good in writing essays and I am not saying that I am good now in writing essays, far from it but thankfully I have this blog to express myself. But really, I am telling you kids, you’re life are way too easy with Google and the internet at your fingertips. You have an assignment or a research project, essays to write and you just go the internet and practically everything you need is there. That’s why I am envious with students these days that have the internet to turn to for ideas, I said ideas not plagiarizing or copying essays posted online.

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