Thursday, September 29, 2011

hello kitty at forever 21

its loveeeeee, collab between hello kitty and forever 21 <3

i hope forever 21 philippines will carry these kawaii hello kitty items!!! they will be available on 18 november, gonna camp out at the store then! :)

hmmm should i camp out at makati or megamall forever 21 store? i guess i'll visit both :)

photos from hello kitty junkie

2 meow:

Anonymous said...

Hi, did you check ba ulit sa forever 21 if available pa yung hello kitty collections nila? And how much yung tops or jackets nila?

pusa said...

Hi yes i did and was able to buy some items from this collection. No, it's no longer available since it's just a collab and special collection they only produce limited items and most hello kitty fans would flock to the stores and you are lucky if you can still find an item after two weeks they release the collection.

Nagkaron ule sila ng new hello kitty collection last december, will post the items i got from that collection soon


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