Friday, November 10, 2006

world pool 2006

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Waaaaa bata lost! Of course im talking about the magician, need I say more? The man doesn’t need any introduction at all. Stayed up till 1am to watch his fight with alcano, but too bad his luck didn’t came in out during the first 4 racks, missing some easy shots. Luck came in the middle of the match and got his usual stride to make a comeback but then missed again on those easy shots, urgghh! Anyways, that’s life and when you play billards, you should always have luck on your side to win the game. Besides alcano made a good fight, he’s actually good, even bata thinks so.

Here’s an excerpt of an interview from AZB with bata after his induction into the BCA Hall Of Fame (for the complete interview go

AZB: There are so many good players coming over to the states from the Phillippines. Who do you think is the next big star coming from there?

Efren: There are many young promising players in the Philippines like Lee Van Corteza, Dennis Orcullo and Warren Kiamco but of all the players, I think Ronnie Alcano is the one who has more or less adopted my style of play.

Anyways, since bata is out, im no longer sulking over the fact that I wasn’t able to buy tickets to the world pool for the quarter finals... I only wanted to watch it live because of bata but now, I’ll just watch the rest of the tournament on tv, its live on espn anyways, and I always gets the best seat at home =)

Before bata’s match, there was the jharome pena and steve davis match and I really enjoyed watching those two, especially their heartbreaking misses of the good shot (dang, these players always misses the easy ones… I wonder if they do it on purpose hehehe).

And I think the real highlight of that game was when davis made a foul by actually hitting on the 3 ball failing to see or actually forgetting that the 2 ball was still on the table. Davis is good and I really liked the way pena played with this veteran.

I wish goodluck to these 3 filipinos left in last 16: alcano, de luna, and luat. Cant make a forecast who’s going to win the tournament, haven’t actually watched those Taipei guys played, heard they’re good but still I wish that one of our 3 remaining bets won the finals this sunday.

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