Thursday, November 23, 2006

digital coloring

i've been trying to learn coloring using photoshop since i've come across paige pooler's site. i so envy her for being able to color her doodles beautifully and she's such a very good artist. i wanted to learn how to do the trick and i've been visiting various sites for tutorial and frankly i'm having a hard time following since my knowledge in photoshop is so little, good thing bien is here to help me and pointed out the basics in digital coloring *sigh he'll be leaving soon... bien taught me the magic tools to bring out the colors i wanted or how to achieve those glossy look - burn and dodge tool!

anyways here's t first three images that i've tried coloring digitally, the raw images are from that i've downloaded, please dont laugh at them, i'm still trying to learn and i'm hoping that eventually i'll use my own doodle or sketches (if i can still remeber how to draw that is)

this first image is just using the powerful dodge and burn tools.
this one here is my first shot at the emboss feature, though i still have to learn how to cut images seamlessly, as you can see the edges are ragged.
i'm quite proud with this 3rd image her, how i love the embossed flower that hello kitty is holding.
if you have comments and suggestions on how i can improve please tell me, i'll appreaciate the help.
another artist that i really like is asya schween, her deviants are really great, try checking out her site, i wish i can produce a masterpiece like what she's doing, but as i've said there's still a lot to learn.

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