Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the socks

hope you all had fun and enjoyed the christmas celebration... thankfully i was able to feel the spirit of christmas at the last minute (i aint mrs. scrooge yahoo!)

so what brought me back the cheer of celebrating christmas? it wasnt the wrapping and receiving of gifts, it wasnt the booze, nor the christmas carols that brings me nostalgic moments, nor the bibingka (i just have to go to tayuman if i want to eat bibingka anytime of the year noh) ..... its the socks!

i felt like a kid again all giddy and excited at the thought of hanging socks to get the much awaited present from Santa Claus! Nope, the socks aint for me but for my nephews, we hanged it for them with a promise that when they wake up at christmas morning it'll be filled with a gift from Santa ... and boy they were so excited (they only appreciate it now that they're a bit older).

i remember when i was a kid how i always anticipate christmas eve, trying my best not to sleep so i can catch Santa when he visit our house to bring our gifts! yeah, never been lucky though! i know i'm so gullible... was already 12 when i learned that Santa aint real. but still its a very nice tradition.

my christmas spirit dampen at around 7pm, guess i ate too much i had a tummy ache =( we're supposed to go to star city but i was so sick, but i guess the tummy ache's a blessing in disguise na rin, coz i saw on tv patrol that star city was so full. anyways i had fun, hope you had a wonderful christmas too.

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carlotta1924 said...

glad to know you enjoyed your holiday and sorry to hear about your tummy ache. hope you're feeling better now. mg tea ka na lang para mawala na yan =)

pusa said...

hi carlotta, thanks! i'm ok already, effective nga un tea, tinimplahan ako ng nanay ko kagabi :)

Lena said...

ey mama...hap new year na! mag EK tayo?? sige na...

naalala ko din yung mga medyas na yan...heheheh

nagsabit din ako mare...gosh, nag se-secand childhood na yata ako...ahahhaha

pusa said...

hapi new dear! cge mare, EK tayo :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pusa!

Sad to hear that you had tummy ache at the eve of Christmas...

Impatso ba yan ate? :)

Dahan-dahan ha...sige ka...matakot ka sa akin...bwahahahha...

Take care!

Merry Christmas! :)

Abad said...

Sa pagbibigay ng regalo para sa mga pamangkin ko at kapatid na rin ako nae-excite tuwing pasko. Pahabol din, maligayang pasko! Salamat sa pagbisita sa site.

Joy said...

How do you manage to go to all those places in Manila when you live where you live? :D Ang tiyaga!

Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo

pusa said...

@ruthie - hahaha katakawan nga yata un!!! bat ako matatakot, gusto ko nga yan... kaso lage akong bigo :)

@abad - welcome to my blag! :)

@joy - hahaha kc 7 hakbang lang asa maynila na ko, malapit kc kami sa boundary ng manila at caloocan :) at talagang karir ito


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