Monday, December 17, 2007

farewell MPG

hiya peeps am uber busy right now and will post about our uber sosyal (insert sarcastic tone here)office christmas party and EB with the Love Coach sometime this week.

and im soooooo sad right now because my dearest lolo is leaving us (today is his last day in the office) ... MPG - the greatest boss in the world, my mentor and my favorite boss ever wahhhhhhhhh =(

farewell my beloved lolo... so many memories that this post is not enough to hold but memories that will remain in my heart forever.

us at circles, 2005

workaholic suckers!!! still working at the hospital, makati med, 2005

this is moi and mpg in alabang, 2006

mpg n moi at cyma, 2007

4 meow:

la carlotta said...

aww retired na sya?

kyels said...

He's retiring? You can still keep in touch with him.


Ambo said...

Siya ba yung sa i heart manila mo na laging nagcocomment? by the eto yung photos last nyt.

pusa said...

@carlotta - yep the man is already 66! :)

@kyels - honga eh kaso thru email na lang, he's based in UK kasi

@ambo - nope, yesterday nya lang nakita tong blog ko hahaha, thanks check ko yan pics natin :)


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