Friday, December 07, 2007

get that dream

I just signed up with payperpost a few days ago and my blog got approved last night, I was so eager to post something about my payperpost account but alas I cant keep my eyes open, so I am just now telling you guys that I am officially blogging for money! Well not really blogging just for money, promise I’ll still write stuff about myself and my misadventures (yeah as if I’m a celebrity and the world cares what I do).

Enough about me, I want to thank all my friends who encouraged me to sign up with payperpost, especially to MALEN, who opened my eyes and made me realized that I can earn big time bucks through blogging. I was like, what? I’ve been blogging for years just for the heck of it and didn’t realized just how good the paycheck blogging can bring me. Thanks again to you guys for opening my eyes and showing me how to do it. So to those of you who haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, sign up now!

I am certain that signing up with payperpost is the first step in getting my hands on my dream camera, the Canon EOS 1-D Mark III. So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming about the things you want to buy, sign up in payperpost to get that dream and then brag err blog about it.

3 meow:

Kenneth said...

COOL! someone will be rich soon :) buy me a beer sometime :)

Ambo said...

Huhuhu bakit ako ang tagal ng naaprubahan pati smorty aprub na din ako di ko pa ginagawa. Hay tutok kasi ako sa google ads haha. BTW, if u wanna sign up 4 smorty here's my link

they pay more than *u know what i mean hehehe*

cheh said...

Welcome to the B$wagon pusa:)


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