Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Last Friday we had our uber sosyal office Christmas party ever! (with eyes rolling using my saccharine voice) yeah I am being sarcastic in here. I know, I know! I should be forgiving since it’s the season to be merry and all that yadda yadda but I’m just really annoyed that the anticipated party of the year was planned in just mere 20minutes! Y’all know how big Christmas parties are celebrated in this part of the world and for the last two years, our party were prepared months in advanced… with all the usual trappings but this year nada, as in zero! It was like, ok so you want a partee, fine… lets do it tomorrow, see y’all at the Conference Room A. That’s it! Wow ansaya saya diba?

attention rachel: you missed the "fun"!!!

Well at least, the hr personnel were able to get a caterer for the last minute preparation and of course there’s still booze but really, our cocktail parties are much better than this.

Here’s some of the photos, in fairness it looks like I’m having fun here hehehe. Meet some of my patients at the geriatrics ward… mommee dorcs and moi with DS, PJ, and TS... really sometimes it feels like im a caregiver to these senior citizens!

Oh aside from being a bdo/caregiver, im an entertainer too! Which means I have to laugh at their corny jokes and pretend that I enjoy listening to their chit chat! =) LOL

mommee dorcs and our pres goofing around

the BD team (OT pa yan after the partee huh)

some of my officemates

ok, so to entertain ourselves we had a hahaha photoshoot

my minions ogling at my sexy sandals hehehe

Leni brought her wow magic sing which lift up the party mood for those who love to sing, No i didnt sing! just clown around those who belt it out that night.

moi, leslie, michelle, joy, glei, and dhey
PS di ako lashenga.. me hawak lang lagi ako wine glass nauuhaw kc ako! LOL)

moi and the ever beautiful dhey who looks like ruffa mae.

hope you guys enjoyed your own office christmas party...

11 meow:

Ely said...

Ganda naman ng Pusa, pang-model! hehe

la carlotta said...

i second the motion! =) at bonggacious na rin naman ang sandals! =)

glad you enjoyed the christmas party na planado lang ng 20 minutes. kami nga wala pa eh, at for sure magpapadeliver lang kami for LUNCH na me SHARE pa kami dun sa bayad. hahaha

cheh said...

ang gorgeous gorgeous ng pusa!! kumikinang sa ganda! peksman:)

jojitah said...

i lab the sexy sandals! ang sowsi! [word of the week ko kasi ang sowsi.]

pusa said...

@ely - nyahahahha tenchu...tin atin lang puro PS yan pics na yan ;p

@carlotta - hay naku day panalo talaga yan sandals na yan, kabog si carrie ng SATC hehehe

@cheh - LOL salamat, nku ma-upload na nga un totoo kong pic! baka mademanda na ko hahaha

@jojitah - sowsi! o sya word of the day ko na rin yan :)

kyels said...

Hey, I like your outfit; you look gorgeous there! Seriously!


joy-joy said...

i agree with diwa, maganda ka talaga! maraming pruweba... great outfit!

Thess said...

ate pusa...nain love ako sa iyo, kay sexy sexy..ngaaarr! nahahalatang bakla tuloy ako *lol*

w/ all due respect sa friend mo sa huling shot, you're much prettier.

pusa said...

@kyels and joy-joy - salamat ;p

@thess - sis kaya labs kita eh hahaha

diwata said...

ganda naman ng paa mo... ayan sinumpong ako ng aking foot fetish lol!

maLen said...


anseksi. kaka insecure! mag model ka nga tsang. hanap kita ng agent!


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