Saturday, December 29, 2007

and the award goes to

only a few days left before we welcome the new year and i'd like to take this opportunity to say my thanks to you guys for giving me the following awards (i dont want you to think that i am an ungrateful biyatch!) i really do appreciate it... thank you again from the bottom of i my heart.. love you all! mwah

the most kitten friendly blog of the year from kitty and diwata

blog of the month award from diwata

bodacious blog from buraot

treasure blog from pretty

once again a big thank you! and i am now passing all these awards to my ronita, the girl who never fails to make me laugh... the one and only sowsi diva of all - Jojitah

5 meow:

Anonymous said...

Very well deserved lahat! Congrats pusa dear!!:)

pusa said...

tenchu manay che =) mwah

Anonymous said...

as in soloness ko lahat ang awardtsina na yan?! oh my... *nahimatay!*

*biglang bumangon!*

tenchu pusa! *teary-eyed*

i soooo.. deserve it!


happy new year my dear. *muah!*

Pretty Life Online said...

wow! grabheeeee! dami mo ipon na award... you deserve it magandang pusa!!!! pag nakikita ko ang blog mo naalala ko childhood chenalyn chuva ko hehehe mahilig me sa HelloKitty kasi nun!!!! hehehehehe

pusa said...

yep my dear jojitah! para sayo lang lahat ng award na yan =) happy new year

@pretty - hahaha isip bata me kaya hangan ngayon adik kay hello kitty! happy new year =)


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