Sunday, December 23, 2007

WARNING: not suitable for office

i was mandated by malen to do this tag at talagang hangan sa chat eh tinag ako! nakow mare kung di lang kita labs! =)

dubbed as the best tag ever but as what my title suggest, please don't try doing this in your office (mawawalan kayo ng fans!). This tag requires a bit of physical effort on your part, you'll need to use your whole body and concentration to finish this tag.

1. Write your name using the little finger:


2. Write your name using your elbow:

3. Write your name using your forehead:

4. Write your name with the heel of your foot:

5. Write your name using your nose:

6. Write your name with your ear:

7. Write your name with your mouth:

8. Write your name with your boobies (if girl)
Write your name with your putoytoy (if boy)
p., nSZAZ

whew! i cant help but laugh at myself while i'm doing this.. and you'd better do it alone otherwise you'd look like a lunatic. hehehe

" It doesn’t hurt to smile and go crazy once in a while. It’s the only way to keep your sanity."
so i am now asking you reynz, carlotta, kyels, buraot, diwa, chuva, ely, ambo, jojitah, pretty, petra, and joyjoy, to let loose and prove how crazy you are! =)

7 meow:

Anonymous said...

I cannot write with my putottoy dahil masyadong malamig dito sa amin baka mafrozen magkakaroon ako ng malaking problema LOL. Just kidding.

Lena said...


thank you ever pusa for doing this tag! mwah! mwah! o diba,,parang gusto kong sumigaw ng FREEDOM!!!!!!


Beng said...

Dearest Meow,

In the glow of every Christmas tree may there be wamrth and happiness for you.

May the magic of Christmas leave behind sweet memories to cherish forever.

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best,

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas darling... we're apart that's true.. but I can dream - and in my dreams - - I'm Christmasing with you...

Mwuah!!! Merry Christmas and a lot of meowwsss for 2008!!


Black_Mamba said...

Hello Pusang Maganda at Sexy.

Wishing you A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

May God bless you and your family this holiday season and always.


Joy-Joy said...

ay tag mo pala ako... mukhang ok ito, sige try ko....meri xmas nga pala :D

Pretty Life Online said...

Thanks gandang pusa for the tag.... goshhhhhhhhhh! kala ko matatapos na ang mga ka pendingan ko hehehehe.... cguro maganda gawin ko ito ng umaga hehehe parang excercise ba!?!?!?!


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