Thursday, November 29, 2007

coup d'etat your face

what a day!!! y'all know what that effin' Antonio Trillanes did today and just now the government declared curfew in the metro and nearby provinces, short of declaring martial law!!!

i was planning to go out with some friends tonight but had to cancel coz our management decided to send us home at 2PM after they learned that there were military tanks already at the manila pen (tis the first time they send us home early, our office is so near the rally area at makati and the rallyists are always literally in our doorsteps). but since the shortened period wasnt expected, we had to rush our deadlines for the day and it wasn't until 3:30 before i was able to leave the office.

as far as i know all offices within the area were already closed (feels like a weekend in makati), you can cross the street anywhere you like coz all underpasses are closed everytime there's a rally or something). i decided to take mrt since ayala is already closed and i dunno where the buses are and its too difficult to get a cab (the woes of getting taxi in makati is another story!) so me and my two colleagues walked to MRT station, here's some of the photos i took along the way.

at insular life, patrol cars blocking the way

dunno whom the press is interviewing here

actually there were two people i guess speaking to the media

and of course the "uzis" are not far away

lots of soldiers (around 50 or more) in front of the pldt building

they were chanting something here, didn't go near them to hear whatever they were saying

a police bus blocking the end of the street

come hell or high water, the jovial nature of pinoys still shows, see this soldier atop his big tank posing like a gay for me? =)

here's a closer look at this funny soldier

photoshoot over, went inside glorietta to go to mrt station, and inside glorieta it was like there was no coup d'etat going on outside, feels like an ordinary day actually! and us being girls we cant help but look at some of the sale items, stopping at some store every now and then.. stopped at sanfo to buy on of these delicious chocolate coated apple.

we were looking at the tank tops in a booth located at the center when suddenly a lot of people were running towards us, rushing out (we're like five stores away from the exit) and i was afraid they'll run us over if we decided to go with the crowd so we stay put in that spot, (i now know how it feels to be at the center of a stampede!) then right after we heard a gunshot, not really sure if it was a gunshot but it made matters worse, the three of us huddled under the clothes while the people around us were running and some were screaming, panicking! When there were fewer people going out we stood up and went inside wrangler's boutique (nearest and across where we were) and after letting us in the staff there immediately closed the metal door. We were shaking inside and had no idea what was happening outside, after a few minutes (though it felt like hours) a guard peeked inside and told the store's staff to closed down. He opened the door and we really run outside.

so to you antonio trillanes may you rot in hell!!! for creating chaos and now you made more excuse for the government to declare martial law! coup d'etat your face!!! i dont like GMA either but pleaseeee stop being a nuisance and a fuckin asshole!

it just feels good to be home and safe... the last time i felt this appreciation that i have a home to go to at the end of a tiring and scary day was when milenyo ravaged manila.

stay safe everyone and be vigilant.

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carlotta said...

i swear i could feel that piece of scum basking in the non-limelight as the reporters scrambled to interview him in the hotel. papansin talaga!

as if naman maraming sasama sa kanya noh!

btw, nice coverage. =)

dodong flores said...

Hi, Pusa. Well said...

Joy said...

Sooooooooo annoying. This is what happens when people don't care about others and are only motivated by greed. It's so difficult for me to use one of the NLP Pressupositions - that every action is done with a positive intention.

I am about to go back home in two weeks - I hope that the mood in the metropolis will be a bit more festive than militant.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. And yes, will post more photo inside the cathedral. I really love that place.

Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You

diwata said...

nakahinga na ako ng maluwag, dahil alam kong safe ka na sa kaguluhang iyan...

fruityoaty said...

Fixed my comments form now, so if tried to leave a message recently... sorry.

Ah, the jovial queer-ish soldier posing... that's rather funny... in the middle of a coup d'etat. :D

lino said...

huwaw! nakapag pic ka pa, hehehehe. nice docu on your blog...

pusa said...

@carlotta - hay naku talaga! tenchu

@dodong - salamat...gusto ko pa sana isama lahat ng murang alam ko hahaha kaso baka ma-censored na ng mtrcb, ay teka akin naman blag to ah ako lang pd mag-censor! =)

@joy - i'm sure everything will be forgotten in a few days time and the christmas spirit will prevail (how i wish!)

@diwata - aww tats me, enchu

@fruity - super funny talaga, pati un ibang soldier sa loob ng tan gusto lumabas at magpa-picture sa akin hahaha

@lino - adik kc ako sa pic, un di nga lang ako nanerbyos nun nagkatakbuhan sa loob ng glorietta pinktyuran ko pa kaming 3 ng opismeyts ko na mukhang engeng kami dun sa ilalaim ng mga damit!!!

jojitah said...

ay naku nakakahighblood talaga yang mga lintek na yan.

Maru said...

kakagigil kahit nanonood lang ako nun sa tv the whole day hanggang 10pm. ano pa kaya yung andun ka mismo sa pinangyarihan. pakiramdam ko nga mas lalo lang lumakas ang period ko nun. nyahaha!

pero natawa ako dun sa pic nung nasa tangke na naka "strike a pose". hihi!

Sidney said...

A good training to become the perfect citizen reporter. You did a good job ... while I was watching TV... shame on me!

Chillidobo said...

man nung manong soldier sa APC hehehe. Parang gusto maging artista LOL

Anonymous said...

at lumapit ka pala sa aksyon. ako sa buendia dumaan

tutubi living in philippines


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