Friday, November 09, 2007

so depressing

This news is just soooo depressing. i cried when i read her story and more so when i read a part of this little girl's diary. Ganito na ba kahirap ang buhay ngayon for a mere child to end her life? And it is more depressing to know there are more Mariannets here in the philippines - living in poverty and despair, and worst i can do nothing to help!

*fkj$**@&*D*# the government and i wish that all politicians die to rot in hell! that was my initial reaction - blame the government, afterall the government should take care of its people diba, knowing how corrupt our politicians are i don't know how they can sleep well at night.

the entry in her diary that she just needed a 100 pesos for her project kept on nagging at me... that amount is not even enough to buy me my favorite cup of coffee at starbucks! I know this is hypothetical but had she asked me for money would i give her 100 pesos? No, i'd rather buy something stupid and other irrelevant things than give my hard earned money to someone i dont know. How many times have i ignored street children begging for alms? how many times have i looked away when someone is tapping in the window of the cab i'm riding? aren't we all to blame for not stepping out of our way to help? I do feel guilty.

Poverty is a fact of life i know that, but what can i do? what can we do to help erase poverty?

"If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin." ~Charles Darwin

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diwata said...

Poverty really sucks, even here in America, poverty exist!

- I remember when I was a little child, used to have 1 pair of shoes and it has a hole on the bottom [oo sa talampakan] I used to walk to school everyday, using that shoes and cross a river, rubbing alcohol river... Anlupet diba? Pero nagsumikap ako kaya eto..., May bago na akong shapatus

pmonchet said...

Grabe kapal ng mukha ni Gloria eh!
just recieved a text message from a friend:"May namatay daw and napunta sa langit. Nagtaka siya kasi and daming relos sa paligid. then ask niya si St. Peter "kung bakit madaming relo." Sagot ni st. Peter "Bawat tao me relo na nakalagay. Dito daw malalaman kung nag sinungaling ka kasi gagalaw ang kamay bawat isang lie." Then he showed the clock of Mother Theresa. Walang galaw, meaning hindi nag lie. The He showed Abraham Lincoln's clock- "It only moved twice.""Remarkable" the man said."But where is Gloria Arroyo's clock.St Peter said"It's in Jesus office.He is using it as a ceiling fan".

pusa said...

@diwata - when can we eradicate poverty kaya? i'm happy for you me bago ka ng shoes... seriously bilib ako sa mga tulad mo un story, thanks for sharing that. mabuhay ka!

@pmonchet - hay nd ko alam how can GMA and these kurakots can sleep well at night! LOL ceiling fan!!!

diwata said...

Purrr, mahirap sagutin yan... it's all over the world no. tsk-tsk-tsk
Andaming dahilan, isa na jan ang alam mo na corruption... etc-etc-etc at war... andaming factors manay kung tutuosin.

Bilib? Dukha pa din po ako meow, isa pa din po akong hamak na hampas lupa. Yon nga lang may isa na akong sapatos lol at take note hindi na sya butas sa talampakan.

Nga pala, salamat sa gregg for my footwear!


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