Friday, November 09, 2007

pinoy big briber walk

Remember this post, yeah it happened today. Around lunch time we went to ninoy aquino's statue and saw people gathering already for the International Day of Protest Kontra panggago . Unfortunately i can only join them at that spot because I have a deadline this afternoon and cant join their walk to post office. My consolation is that i was able to persuade my officemates to wear black today for this event and most of them arrived in black clothes at the office except for those who forgot! I hope this event made an impact to the "kapalmuks" people in our government.

N.B. i forgot to tell before in my post that i learned about this walk from market manila's site. Saw people wearing MarketManiac's shirts and was wondering who is MM there. =)

1 meow:

Ely said...

i really hope this has made an impact. but once a kapalmuks, always a kapalmuks...i believe they're not at all bothered. too bad. Sana bombahin na lang sila lahat.


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