Tuesday, November 20, 2007

things i wont let go

i've been tagged by diwa and ely to list 3 things that i wont let go. so here they are:

I wont let go of my family and my friends. Hurt me and I wouldn’t flinch but hurt the ones I love and all hell will break loose! I’m not afraid of dying (after all I have 9 lives) but I’m really scared to lose those closest to me.

I wont let go of hope. Hope keeps me going, I at times may sound pessimist…even cynic, but the foolish kid in me doesn’t give up in hoping that someday everything will turn out just fine, if not perfect.

I wont let go of me. I may be weird and all that but I wont give up those things that I believe in just to conform to the norms of the society. I am not perfect but I am unique.

i am now tagging kristine, minnie, malen, melai, reynz and YOU... yes you who's reading it right now, and anyone who chance upon this post and read this is already considered tagged! :p

N.B. whew, one meme down... tons of meme to go!

5 meow:

maLen said...

PUSAA!! Hehehehe...tenchu sa tag. andami dami na nila. ansaya.

agree with what you said..lalo na sa family and friends.

o see yah soon. gimik tayo or xmas parteeh

pusa said...

mwah! tara now na tayo mag partee! hehehe, seriously kelan ka nga available?

Ely said...

hi Pusa! so you finally did this. :P

Seems like family is always on top of everybody's list...

pusa said...

hi ely, hehehe tagal ba? you're right family ang una sa lahat!

minnie said...

Meow! I finally found this! Hay...sobrang bangag! Okay, now's my turn! (duh? how do I go about this again, friendship? Err...anyone willing to give a Tagging For Dummies seminar?) =P


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