Sunday, May 13, 2007

why should i vote?

Why should i vote? this is the same question i know a lot of filipinos are asking to themselves. as i have posted last february our choices for a good politician is so little almost none, we only get to choose the lesser evil.

given the depressing situation, i will still vote tomorrow for these reasons:

1. i love my country no matter what... it is my duty and responsibility as a filipino to exercise my right of suffrage.

2. i want to make a difference... i know a single vote may not mean a lot, but still voting means that I made my own choices. and by believing in the persons that i will vote that they can make the difference in our country. actually, my ballot will not be full, only a few names will appear.

3. i want to believe... yes i'm optimistic and idealist but i still want to believe that the results will not be rigged this time. we all know that there is major cheating in every election but still a person need to believe in something right.

so i am encouraging you, my countrymen... please go out tomorrow and vote wisely.

2 meow:

Anonymous said...

Tama nga, ang hirap dahil karamihan sa mga kandidato e mga payaso, nakasakay sa kabayo, o boksingero.

Pero siyempre, kinakailangan talaga nating maging matalino para magkaroon nga ng mga pagbabagong matagal na nating ipinaglalaban. Rak on.

Seda said...

Thanks for your nice comment...
I am not your country man but have the same situation in my country. I believe in your reasons...


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