Monday, August 11, 2008

let's eat, drink, and be merry




and be merry

... for being able to see life from a different perspective - seeing everything in a new light from the outside looking in :)

...and of course, for having great friends!!! cheers!!!

9 meow:

fren_ace said...


Anonymous said...

When was this taken? Bakit ka blooming? 10 years ago? Biro lang...

Okay yong sa Pier one na pix medyo hmmm ayusin mo lang ang speed ng ISO mo at exposure nito... Unang tingin sa pix parang background nyo ang colosseum bweheheh...

Its meeh,
ISO speed/Exposure Nazi

Pretty Life Online said...

I love pizza too!!!! Just reading you updates and asking for your help I was nominated for Pinoyworld blog of the week. Hope you can vote my Pretty Life Online here!!!

Shiva said...

attractive posts n pics...
but still not attractive as ur entrecard pic.



bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

hehe tama yan sis, maikli lang ang buhay kaya enjoy layf to the fullest.

teka malapit na ba birthday mo at mukhang nagpapaharing ka na ah haha

kyels said...

You are right. We ought to spend our days the best we can. We only live once after all.

Coffee Bean said...

Yum that pizza looks delicious!

pusa said...

@fren_ace -thanks for dropping by

@exposure nazi - sensya na po point and shoot lang ang gamit na cam at di ako marunong ng mga ISO chorvaley na yan

@pretty - meow :) panalo na ba? nagvote na ko ulet

@shiva - thanks

@bluep - :) uu nga eh kaya sige lang inom lang ng inom! LOL kapatid next year pa bday ko noh hehehehe

@kyels - very true, musta na?

@coffee bean - it is delicious! :)

Ely said...

waahh! kakagutom. Makapagpizza nga din. hehehe


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