Sunday, August 03, 2008

G-Live sucks

i have been receiving this annoying flash or popup messages from Globe about some news and updates which i never wanted in the first place. i dont know how it got activated, i just started receiving those G-Live updates a few days ago and its driving me mad, giving me unwanted advisories every hour!

thank you internet and mighty Google, i now know how to turn off G-Live! "This Globe G-Live is a SIM feature that allows you to receive news and public service announcements. Information simply appears on the phone screen and doesn’t go to the inbox. To turn off the G-Live feature, go to phone Menu. Click GLOBE SVCS+, Click on G-Live then select ACTIVATION then click DEACTIVATE."

There you go folks, so to those who are pestered by that G-Live update you know what to do :) now my Sunday is complete hehehehe

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bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

may ganyan din ako dati last 2005 pa at it really sucks since it keeps on popping even when Im reading and typing messages. Parang blog ni malen na may pop-up na rin haha. dun yan sa sim services macocontrol kasama ng phonebook at balance inquiry ek-ek. sana tinanong mo na lang ako, di ka pa nahirapan maghanap sa gurgle haha

pusa said...

kairita sya diba, howel next time sayo ko itatanong :)

Anonymous said...

salamat sayo, hindi na maaasar nanay ko sa mga g-live advisories na yan!

pusa said...

@anonymous - you're welcome :D
hahaha naiimagine ko kung gano kaasar ang nanay mo jan sa glive ads na yan!

TM™ said...

thanks for this post. sana may free load per ad na lang (similar to the umobile promo).

Anonymous said...

thank you so much! sobrang annoying nga talaga yung g-live! super thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, bukod sa nakakainis nakaka drain din ng battery ung G-Live msg nila na wala naman kwenta.

Thanks again! :)


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