Thursday, August 07, 2008

fairy tales aint true

fairy tales aint true... there are no fairies
if there were fairies, they already left us
extinct and never to come back
and play with us mortals again
wake up... stop dreaming
fairy tales aint true

8 meow:

chuva said...

Anovey?! Pati ba fairies hindi totoo?! Ako na lang ang natitirang fairy sa mundo?! Haha! Hi Hi! Nakikichorva lang!!

Buti naman I can comment as myself na ditetch! Thanks - - and MWUAH! Thinking of you.

jordanmcclements said...


I am running a poll at :-

As you have a great photo blog - I would appreciate it if you could spare a minute to participate.


Kyels said...

Fairytales do happen. Once in a lifetime to a lucky person.


diwatang_byaning said...

HOY baroooka Am I included? Am I up for an extinction? I hope not yikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss *Ina Magentaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

Traveler on Foot said...

There good and bad fairies in the world of mortals. I wish you always encounter a good one. Have a good day.

pusa said...

@chuva - hehehe malakas ka sa akin eh mwah

@jordanmcclements - will check out ur poll, thanks

@kyels - hmmm maybe fairy tales do happen to one very lucky person hehehe

@diwata - kaya magingat ka, endangered ka ateng!!!

@traveler on foot - thanks :D

johannah mae gorne said...

ano k 22o cla ..di mo palang cla namimit ..pero pag na meet mo na cla u change ur mind ..

johannah mae gorne said...

hoy..kala mo lang un kc di mo pa cla nameet


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