Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 olympics closing ceremony video

(Photo credit: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Watch out for the video, for the meantime check out this full coverage of the closing ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic games.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics closing ceremony is stunning as it were in its opening ceremony and i think it is very hard to top what china has done, it will be a benchmark for all the future olympic hosts (wonder how london can at least be at par with what beijing has done). And as expected, China hauled in the most gold getting 51 golds and a medal total of 100, seconded by USA with 36 gold but with 110 medal overall. Russia made it to the 3rd slot with 23 golds scooping up a total of 72 medals.

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yanjiaren said...

I watched it too and cried because my Beloved is Chinese and we were both watching it on the other side of the World..He is in the U.S and I am in the U.K.

kyels said...

It was stunning! Got me glued to the telly.


Gabriel said...

OO nga sobra ganda ng closing ceremony ng beijing olmypics :D™ - Philippines Affordable Web Hosting Provider

pusa said...

@yanjiaren - it was awesome, at least you two get to watch it both at the same time, its like watching the moon from different places :)

@kyels - got me glued too! stunning indeed :)
i really love the memory tower presentation wala akong masabi sa galing, its like watching an animated movie the way those acrobats move

@gabriel = super, i think that is the best olympic closing ceremony ever

fortuitous faery said...

"wo ai beijing!" hehe.

london has a very tough act to follow! but i think the transforming doubledecker bus was cute!

by the way, i responded to your technorati tag. thanks again!

pusa said...

fortuitous faery - yeah at least they have 4 years to prepare :) yeah its like a transformer bus LOL

thanks for doing the tag, will check it out


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