Monday, August 04, 2008

fairy cat craze

Went to the mall last Saturday with my cousin, and saw this cute shirt at Artwork. So me, so pusa, hehehehehe. i love the design - i heart pusa with the cat wearing a blue bowtie *cute* :D from their i love andy line.

Please note the size of the shirt! Woohooo! Yep you read it right folks, i am now on the LARGE size of artwork. i used to buy small to medium sized shirts from artwork but now, all my pigging out in front of the computer finally paid off! hehehehe :D i now fit in thier large size CATegory

and this shirt really caught my artistic eyes, and yes it reminded me so much of the the green fairie :)

a very cool fairy design from maldita's black sheep line :) very nice huh? (its just that i'm still at size small maldita)

5 meow:

Kyels said...

Hey, the designs are really nice. Never found such designs here, talaga!


carlotta1924 said...

gusto ko rin talaga shirts ng artwork at nyang black sheep! (tho hindi pa ako nakakabili nung black sheep)

size xl naman ako sa artwork pero maliliit talaga kasi sizes nila :D

pusa said...

kyels - too bad walang ganitong shirts jan sa inyo ;p

carlotta - oo sarap talaga ng shirts nila no, sobrang comfy isuot :)

Rebecca said...

ang cute naman ng t-shirt na "I heart cat" na yan. ^,,^ gusto ko sya he! he!

btw, thanks din for your EC card tag--basta ikaw oks na oks--sana na ikaw palagi and featured blog para may sexy sa blog ko he! he! ;)

Have a great Sunday as well. :)

pusa said...

@rebecca hehehe cute noh, bagay nga rin pala sayo ito :) kc pareho tayo maganda! LOL pakikonek na lang hahahaha

ngek sexy bones kamo!


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