Wednesday, January 09, 2008

viva el señor nazareno

today we are celebrating the feast of the black nazarene, and as expected the procession was attended by thousands of its devotees and just like before there are casualties, 2 died today and 31 others were injured (see full story here).

... the 2 who died suffered from heart attack, i do feel for them but we all know that procession is not for the faint of heart. i haven't been to its feast day but i have plans of attending the procession someday, i am not a devotee of the nazarene but i do visit the church.

i cant really tell the devotees not to go gaga over the 400+ year image... but it's supposed to be a show of devotion but somehow why does it always end up in a tragedy?

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Joy said...

Great capture! What's your camera again? Kumusta ang Maynila? :D

Thanks for visiting Your Love Coach and leaving your footprints behind. Do visit again!

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Sidney said...

You should definitely go to the Feast of the Black is NOT dangerous if you choose a safe place to watch it.
Today I took a little bit more risks than usual and I saw how people were crushed by the crowd. I must say that some people are without any common sense. I saw countless parents with little children... even babies...!
Old people...
A lot of women trying to pull the rope this year.
But it is something unique... the devotion... the excitement...
Thanks for the link to my pictures in your other blog. Much appreciated.
And before it is too late... Happy New Year!
Will be back on line January 28.

Thess said...

Oh dear, poor people (the 2 who died) ..I used to go with my lola who was a devotee talaga...kung hindi ka nga matibay-tibay, tutumba ka sa dami ng tao

pusa said...

@joy - tnx, am using canon ps A520 =) manila's still beautiful like me hehehe

@sidney - hey glad to hear you're back and safe, hardheaded pinoys those bunch who brought their kids! anyways cant wait to see your photos... i know i should, maybe next year i'll go with you and senor enrique =)

@thess - yeah, talaga nakasama ka na sa procession, di pa ko eh... i dont like crowds kc hehehe, i really should do it next year

Ely said...

dalawa namatay sa procession...too bad. I swear to God i will never attend processions like that. :P

Anonymous said...

Why isn't it for the faint hearted ate?

Edong said...

akala ko nga naandon ka... kasi ang daming mga ordinaryong tao na may dalang mga camera... you should try to capture it someday like sidney.

Sidney said...

Of course you can use any of my pictures!

i know i should, maybe next year i'll go with you and senor enrique =)

Is that a date? ;-)
Not the perfect place since we might get lost between the other 2.6 million people. ;-)

Pretty Life Online said...

good catch!!! romano catholico ka pala ganda!

Anonymous said...

lapit ko lang dyan pero di ako nagpupunta kapag fiesta. pero one time kapag may pagkakataon baka pumunta ako :)

pusa said...

@ely - yeah too bad, but i would try this next year :)

@kyels - you've seen the photos from sidney and eric, that's a huge crowd! there'll be pushing and the heat is suffocating.. you really have to be fit in order to survive ;)

@edong - i will next year with sidney LOL

@sidney - thanks! yeah its a date, mark your calendar for next year :)

@pretty - yep, tnx =)

@manilenya - i think we really should try this at least once in our lifetime


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