Wednesday, January 02, 2008

welcome 2008

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.” ~ Neil Gaiman

2007 has been a good year and i am certain that 2008 will be better. i would just like to say my proper farewell to last year which has been so good to me in almost every aspect of my life, and it was in 2007 that i was able to do one of my fantasies that i've thought i'll never experience in this lifetime but i have and that experience has taught me well, no regrets at all. Now that i've said that, i want to welcome 2008 with higher hopes... here's looking forward to this year! i dunno what's with new years but i've always felt that new years give you a new leash on your life, a clean slate to start anew.... well for the first few hours i guess that holds true for me.

I'd been procrastinating again hence this entry just made it today. Anyways, let me share with you what i've done on january 1st. i spent the putukan time on the bed, with pillows on my ears! last year i was out in the streets watching the great fireworks our chinese neighbor cooked up but the firecrackers this year is soooo loud it feels like you're in the middle of a war or somethin, proof is one of our windows got broken during the 15minute non stop putukan to welcome the new year. Well we cant do anything bout it really since adik ang mga pinoy sa putukan diba? After putukan time, rhiz and ate acel went over to our house to have a little drink with me and celebrate the new year with wine, just had a bottle since riza have a duty at 8am in the hospital. slept at around 2am then woke up early and went to hear mass at quiapo (that was the first for me after so many years) our family always go to the church every new year, dunno when i stopped joining them but glad i did this time. (wow ang bait ko!) Anyways, i dunno what's with new year, my parents always insist that we spend new year at the house all of us... it's only with new year though, on other occasion you can pretty well spend it anywhere you want. Roam around the metropolis after mass (this is the best time to roam around town since the streets are practically empty), then sleep again when i got home. At 6pm we went to Star City, initialy we planned to go to star city before christmas but due to unavoidable circumstances - meaning tinatamad and no one to drive for us we only get to visit last night. Which was a huge mistake since almost everybody is at the star city! you have to wait long hours to be able to go inside the snow world (i gave up after 30 minutes of waiting and eating on the queue) and all the rides have long lines. so after the kids played at shooting game we decided to call it a night and go home. Arrived at around 1130 and went online, chatted with my friend che and we welcomed her 30th birthday chatting and celebrated it online! hehehe we were talking about the same usual stuff, dunno why we never get tired of reminiscing and retelling the same stories over again and still laugh at those same silly jokes and stories way back during our college years. both of us and barkada still feels like we stopped growing old when we graduated!

2008 will be a great milestone for me since i'll turn 30 this month (goodness! i'm old already but it doesnt feel like i've grown old!) Wish to have SLR this year kahit di muna si Mark and i really hope i can say goodbye to my vice once i turn 30. And i intend to have more R&R time and get out of town at least once a month. Looking forward for a better me =)

NB. The photo was taken by my 5year old nephew and that is me doing the number 8.

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maLen said...

NENG! January ka? hehehe...andami kong reregaluhan ng january!!!


happi birthday in advance. Weh? 30 nga? dear you look like 24 to me! No bola. enjoy enjoy. wish ko sana may mag regalo ng SLR sayo...yuipeeee

pusa said...

kaya labs kita my fwend, nabibilog mo ang ulo ko hahahaha. tenchu =)

la carlotta said...

advance happy birthday! sana maging exciting ang 2008 para sa yo =)

kyels said...


Are you kidding me?! Pero you only look like you're in your twenties ... Hehehe.

Anyway, before I forget advance Happy Birthday!


mon said...

Uy! Hapi Berdey na lang po!

pusa said...

@carlotta - salamat mwah nakababa ka na pala ng bundok! :)

@kyels - LOL thanks!

@mon - salamat sa bati, pero balik ka pag totoong birthday ko na ha hehehe

Don said...

Nice shot on the 8 :) Happy birthday in advance!


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