Thursday, January 10, 2008

faith or desperation

the mamoth crowd (2.6 million devotees) who attended the black nazarene procession yesterday. photo by Sidney, do visit his blog for more awesome photos.

i cant believe the size of this crowd, each and everyone trying to get near the 401 year old image, sure looks dangerous to be there... and it makes me really wonder if its faith or desperation why the devotees keep on multiplying.

dont want to sound so skeptic in here but i guess i have to go out there and join the procession in order to experience what the devotees describe as something really spiritual.

btw, Señor Enrique also "covered" the event, please visit his blog as well for breathtaking pictures.

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Joy said...

All I can think of is pickpockets, body odour and men feeling up women! I think I'd practise my faith in the privacy of my own home, as God is everywhere and in everything.

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Ambo said...

I agree with Joy. But sometimes we cannot blame other people with what they believe in. So sad there are 2 people died yesterday.

Bryan Anthony the First said...


people hold dear to faith more ardently when they are desperate

human nature i guess

sadako said...

daming tao... i can't go there. I'm claustrophobic. I feel suffocated when I go to crowded places. That's why I seldom go to discos, enclosed bars and concerts. Though in all hoinesty, I admire the endurance of the faithful in going through the throngs of people.

GingGoy said...

not yet covered that event...lagi may pasok saka...dami palusot :P

Anonymous said...

It could be faith or desperation or both. This procession reminds me of the Nine Emperor Gods festival that is held annually during the ninth month in the lunar calendar. During this religious festival devotees will flock the temple and we have a religious prayer as the Taoism priests invoke and invite the Nine Emperor Gods into the main altar. In the process of the prayer, devotees will try to get close as possible; I thought to myself before --- was it desperation or a faith they strongly believe in?

It can be both or for some the fun of it. We don't know for sure as our minds work differently.


Webster Twelb said...

mga 2.6 million pala...sabi ko na kasi sa wiki mga 80,000 thanks for the info...babaguhin ko na ung na i-post ko abt this. thanks!


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