Saturday, November 24, 2007

gumbo at robinsons place manila midtown

girls night out and we decided to meet at robinsons place manila (with a plan to watch movie after dinner but knew that we'll just end up talking all night long and forget about watching movies). anyways, i was surprised to find that the new wing or the midtown mall is already open and it is huge! feels like an ayala owned mall. (my bad i forgot to take pics of the facade it look so elegant.)

outside there's the usual tree with lights and what attracted me the most is this fountain... eh well i've always loved fountains!

we checked out the new stores (very few establishment is open as of now) and of course i had to buy this cute hello kitty picture frame at Clipper.

spied the food outlets and Gumbo at the third level caught our attention... it says a taste of new orleans so we decided to give it a try, besides i love their ceiling fan and their crew wear hats mimicking mardi gras party but somehow reminded us of the crews at Fridays.

anyways we ordered their special dish called Gumbo Seafood Jambalaya, its delicious and was surprised to find that they served it the way it was presented in their menu! what's funny is the crew always shout/chant "ahhhh seafood jambaalya, gumbo" whenever a customer order the dish... its like being at Cyma, difference is the crew there shout "opa!" instead whenever they serve a flaming dish. (wonder who copied who)

and this yummy rib steak

they gave us a free appetizer - fish and chips, fish aint that good (lots of breading) and the dip isnt my taste and had to ask for ketchup but hey its free the fries though

had berry lemonade for drinks - taste really really good i could have drank the whole pitcher myself

after pigging out - simot sarap!

we are so full! food's great with big servings and the service is ok too! i highly recommend you try dining in at Gumbo, the prices are ok as well. we're about to get the bill but we spied this wicked chocolate cake from our neighbor table and knew we had to taste the sinful dessert!

boy i'm so glad we ordered the chocolate cake because it's soooo delicious! its warm and moist topped with a scoop of ice cream. (reminds me of my fave dessert, the colossal choco chip cookie at Old Spaghetti House) yum! yum!

we really need this fix coz they say chocolates can really lift up your mood or whatever, you see one of my girlfriends just broke-up with her bf of almost two years ....

well friday is my usual night out with my girlfriends, but due to work load and us scattered around the metro, we only get to see each other once a month now and if lucky twice a month. too bad my bespren was absent (she busy being a mother and attending some seminar somewhere south!) Anyways

great friends + delicious food = good times

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dhez said...

fridays are really the day to go out and have fun with friends... good thing at talagang you see to it na nagkikita kyo.. :)

just blog hop kay jojie, care to link u? thanks pusa! ;)

pusa said...

hi dhez - tnx for dropping by, no prob re linking much appreciated, what's ur url so i can add u in my blog roll

Anonymous said...

Ganda ng bagong Rob Place, 'noh? Napapadalas tuloy ako minsan diyan. Siguro kung may Bubble Tea diyan, aba lalo na akong mapapapunta diyan.

Batang Rob Place ako kasi nu'ng High School ako e halos araw-araw ako diyan.

Teka, nakakita na naman ako ng ice cream. Natakam tuloy ako. *sabay takbo sa Ministop*

(Talk about my comeback. Hahah.)

joy said...

Wow, the Philippines is the mall capital of Asia, if not the world! Glad to know the capitalism is alive and kicking :D That chocolate cake looked really good!

Hey, tell your friend to visit Your Love Coach and read the post Moving On, Letting Go and my latest, Getting Back With Your Ex. :D

I still don't have your mobile! See you on the 16th of December, 6pm, Alabang Town Centre. You ok with Cibo?

The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo
Your Love Coach

diwata said...

they gave us a free appetizer - fish and chips, fish aint that good (lots of breading) and the dip isnt my taste and had to ask for ketchup but hey its free the fries though - ikaw libre na nga lang eh lol... betchina ko finger lickin' good kayo hindi lang basta simot sarap... parang dinaanan ng bagyong Andoy no. kayong 3 lang girls talaga kumain noon? yong tahong at cake mukang katakam-takam...

pusa said...

@jake - aba nabuhay ka! kami hang-out namin un rob nun college lalo na pag mag cutting class kami hahaha.
pero korek ka jan ganda nga nun midtown... sana mag-open na un mga stores.

@joy - ay ewan ko ba puro mall na nga lang ang nakikita ko d2 :)
actually kahapon nakita at nasend ko na sa friend ko un article na un sa love coach mo sabi ko sakto para sa friend ko.

cibo is fine! ok i'll give you my number, what's your email add joy? mine is

@diwata - hahaha honga libre na pinintasan pah! oo ansarap talaga ng fud dun! yum gusto mo ng cake?

eh ganun kami katakaw talaga, parang construction worker ang mga appetite ;)

diwata said...

mismo yan na nga bang sinasabi ko eh kain karpentero ka din lol. konting ulam isang damukal na kanin lol... mukang ansarap-sarap ng cake! date mo ako jan plizzzzz pag nagkita tayo sa mata!=)

pusa said...

LOL kain karpentero. cge pag uwi mo d2 sa pinas at nag-EB tayo pakakainin kita jan!

carlotta said...

huwaw kakagutom! meron ba nyan sa me ortigas or makati?

pusa said...

@carlotta - aside d2 sa rob manila, sa mall of asia at sm north edsa pa lang meron gumbo

dhez said...

hi pusa! thanks! ;)

kiko matsing said...

Wow! Anlaki na lalo ng Robinsons Manila!! Mukhang ansarap nga nung jambalaya, natakam tuloy ako! Hehe!

Add kita ha? Saka yung isang photoblog mo. Thanks! :)

pusa said...

@dhez - ayan na-add na kita

@kiko matsing - oo sarap un! cge add din kita ;)


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