Friday, April 27, 2007

vintage camera

vintage camera

look what i found!

my mother's old old camera: the kodak instamtic camera 76x (this particular model were produced around 1977) gawd this camera is older than me!
i can still remeber her buying flash cubes for this, so that even with artificial light the pictures will still turn ok. and i just learned now that this camera doesnt even need batteries... cool!

i even found that there is film inside, kodacolor Gold 200 film - 12 exp.

wonder if i can still have the film develop at a processing center, if they can still recover whatever picture was captured in it. wouldnt it be good if i find a store still selling this type of camera film? guess i have to go to hildago to check.... im so excited!

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Gerald England said...

This was a brilliant camera. I think I bought mine around 1966 which was when they first came. It was a camera you could load easily without having to fiddle around in the dark. I only used black and white film in it for the first five years or so. I must have used it for around twenty years before finally abandoning it. It wasn't until digital cameras came along and became reasonable quality for their price that I started becoming interested in photography again.

tutubi said...

wow! pang-museum

i also found my 2nd camera lying around. kakatuwa ang dami ko pic taken using that one pero sloppy :(

`r said...

i'm all digital now, but still uses my leica m3 rangefnder with ilford b&w film every now and then for nostalgia - oh, and yes, that leica is older than i am.

hope you find use for it. enjoy!


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