Thursday, April 12, 2007

back from vacation

back from vacation

more likely, back to real life... after lazing in the sun for three straight days during holy week am back in manila, fast paced life again and tons of work waiting for me.

anyways, i had fun at batangas... and three days at the beach made my skin so dark... in short - NEGRA!

some of the pics i'd taken... you cant see much of my own picture here, was wearing bikini...censored not because i showed some skin but because it's gross hahaha.

me relaxing at the hammock after swimming

ate acel's kids having fun

barangay balisong

yeah they have this barangay at taal, called as such because there are lots of balisong stores there and their people are the best known makers of balisongs. but i noticed that there are fewer stores now compared to like five years ago, wherein almost all the houses within that street sells balisong. balisong is a folding pocket knife and is one of the trademark of batangas aside from kapeng barako. cant remeber the title of an old movie starring FPJ wherein his sidekick dencio padilla, a batangeno, is sporting a very very big balisong.

i love this pic, my cousins and i bought balisong key chain for pasalubong from this store and i asked them if they can lend me their biggest balisong for kodakan moments to which they eagerly gave me this big balisong, mind you the blade is so sharp and its heavy.. they're selling it for 1400 pesos.

dont mess with me... or else

taal church / basilica of saint martin de tours

Reputed to be the largest in Asia, Taal Church stands 96 meters long and 45 meters wide on a plateau in the heart of Taal. The Augustinian Missionaries started construction in 1756, and it took a century for the church to achieve its present form.

of course, i never fail to visit the taal church whenever i'm vacationing at batangas, i just love this old church. lots of people there when we visited last good friday, and the church people were busy preparing/decorating the saint's statues for the procession that night.

caysasay shrine, labac

we also visited the caysasay shrine at labac. since its good friday, all the saint's statues were covered with cloth which is usually removed on easter sunday.

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