Thursday, April 26, 2007


its super hot hot these days... truly summer at its peak here in pinas. and what's the best way to keep cool aside from hitting the beach? take a gulp of sago!

sago is the most thirst quenching refreshment for the summer, usually people add gulaman in the mix but i like mine with sago only. every summer, sago stalls just popped up in our neighborhood and i guess it common to see them in most of the streets in manila.

my mother always prepare sago on weekends for our consumption, and i really like the smell whenever she's cooking sago, with arnibal and vanilla flavor, dunno how she cook/prepare sago, i just know that it's delicious.

below is the photo of sago i "stealed" from the kitchen for munching before lunch, i love eating sago as much as gulping it down as a refreshment.

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