Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Battlefield: LRT

Battlefield: LRT

Riding the LRT is like entering a battlefield. Fierce battle took place here … and the war is still going on... Unfortunately, I have to face this battle every day since I started working at Makati. Lucky are those who have their own car, they don’t need to prepare for combat every morning and brave the fierce opponents in the battlefield. The 300 war movie is nothing compared to real live action you get here.

The action starts the moment you climb the stairs (you gotta have stamina to reach the top, good exercise though… and I’m not sure why is it always, as in always, somebody is rushing/running upstairs/downstairs no matter what time of the day it is.)

Waiting for the train needs patience, and a good warrior is patient Enjoy yourself while waiting, study your fellow warrior, if you can find something funny bout them the better, it’ll keep yourself from checking the time every fucking second, stops you from worrying that you cant afford to be late coz you already got a warning for tardiness. You can also assess if the girl next to you is strong enough to push you out, btw if her body resembles a sumo wrestler no need to figure it out - stay out of her path, or you’ll be crushed. You gotta have tactics in here, know the best position and strategic places (you have to know where the doors will open whether it is the old train or the new one). And you must know how to maneuver, so that you’re the first one to step in the train gives you the edge to get the available seat if there is any.

And then the magical doors opened! Here comes the real action - Elbows flying, shins kicking, toes crushed, screams, curses, etc. … (I dunno what’s with the doors of LRT; it makes people crazy, poise and education forgotten). If you’re really running late, you have to push yourself inside and prepare for the agonizing journey ahead, just pray that nobody has a body odor. Once inside, you should learn to balance, or you’ll find yourself on the floor if the train suddenly stops… but if you’re already packed like sardines in can, you’ll never hit the floor anymore. Gotta be strong to withstand the pushing you’ll suffer which intensifies as you move along from one station to another.

But now, I am just a mere spectator of the battles going on, I’ve found the most strategic place, no more bloody action for me… I’ve come to be the general that oversee his troop do the battle. So now I just enjoy watching and taking snap shots of these mundane things that happens inside the LRT, ie. the sleepers, metrosexual men?, the pda lovers, etc.

there's a much more vulgar pda lovers riding the train than this couple

and you could always see someone reading off another persons newspaper

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