Monday, April 16, 2007

Trip to Manila Zoo

Trip to Manila Zoo

Visited Manila Zoo with my siblings and their kids last Saturday and boy we had fun. We enjoyed the zoo as kids and we’re still enjoying it now with the younger generations today. (good grief! I sound like an old hag!). The entrance fee is 40/adult and 20/kid if you’re not a manileño, 50% off if you live in manila and have an id to prove it.
Manila zoo has improved a lot since I last went there, they now have this man made lake where you can ride a boat for only 40 pesos per 30 minutes (maximum of 5 person per boat), they also now have this kinder zoo (entrance is 40 pesos per head) heard you can hold the pets/animals inside but we decided not to go inside since the kids are afraid of touching the animals, they are quite happy ogling at the elephant which is the main attraction. Wonder how old that elephant is, its trunk is already white and I’m not sure if it’s the same elephant they had when I was still a kid.
Anyways, they may have improved a lot in the layout of the ground, they now have mini playground inside, stage for shows, and few dining areas, but the animals are very few… I missed the giraffes, they used to have giraffes before (and I have pictures to prove it). And somehow the zebra is down to one whereas they have plenty of it before, now they have lots of these huge horses. Also missing is the king of the jungle, there is no lion out there! I wish they would add more animals after they finish renovating the manila zoo.

The monkeys are their usual playful self, they know how to beg for food from the visitors, i gave them my not so delicious popsicles bought from the authorized peddlers inside the zoo... pretty amazing creatures. The big orangutan is still there, dunno if it's the same old bitch who spit at her spectators, this time she's docile, just playing a bottlecap on her mouth after feeding.
We went in early (as in like 7am!) so we have enjoyed the place before it get too crowded, we even catch the zoo people feeding the animals, giving them veggies and dead fish for food. Thought getting up early would make my nephews sleepy, but no they didn’t… they keep on hopping from one cage to another, going back countless of times to the elephant cage, playing at the slides and swing… by 9am they were begging to be fed. So we ate our packed meal at the tables provided and had a breather for a while.
After a short break, we decided to ride the boat, with Bernard and my brother in law rowing. My cute nephews keep on referring to the boat as barko. We tour the swamp twice and luckily get a chance to see the elusive peacocks beautiful tail. After the boat ride, we decided to get wet, and so went to the fountain, and let ourselves get chased by the water.
They also had a puppet show and the kids enjoyed it tremendously. Forgot the puppeteers name (i should ask my nephews, they are so impressed with the guy) but i remembered his pet’s names: dodong the bird and dingdong the monkey. Also present is the mascot from bear brand.
Left at around 11am, on our way out they have already installed the “take your pic with the snake” booth. Awww! As in yuck! I can’t really take even the thought of touching a snake’s skin, much more have it wrapped around my body. Well, lotsa a people seems to enjoy having their picture taken with a snake, kudos to them for being brave but still its icky! Saw one of the organizer bathing one of the snakes for the show, I still stay no matter how much you clean it, its still is yucky! But still, we had fun, fun, fun. Manila Zoo is a great place to visit on weekends with your family, you should try and visit the zoo someday.
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Senor Enrique said...

Thanks for sharing, Pusa. Now, I'm even more psyched to visit the zoo soonest :)

pusa said...

hi senor, thanks for dropping by... and yes every pinoy should try and visit the zoo now... before it's too late

Photowalker said...

Nice shots. Here's my last visit to Manila Zoo.


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