Friday, April 27, 2007

i heart hello kitty

i heart hello kitty

notice my new background, courtesy of wallpaper from the new look of the sanrion website, luv luv it! the moment you open up the site this stylish hello kitty pops up from the screen and wink at ya. I guess y'all know that i heart hello kitty enough to make you think of me everytime you see any hello kitty stuff.

and also they have another brilliant idea: the momoberry collection! drool, drool, drool, poor me coz they only have momoberry stores at Los Angeles and Tokyo... sigh. Anyways, i really wish that giftgate would franchise a momoberry store here in the Philippines. Here's an introduction from the sanrio site "Momoberry is Sanrio’s boutique brand - featuring upscale lifestyle products for the adult female consumer, bringing her sophisticated fun and fashion. Momoberry originated in 2006 based on the idea that grown-up Sanrio fans wanted a unique range of premiere products. Products include exclusive, limited edition items, such as jewelry, tees, cashmere and handbags."

here's a peek into the store... it looks so stylish, elegant, so hello kitty!

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