Thursday, April 19, 2007

Persia Grill with a Jamaican Twist

Persia Grill with a Jamaican Twist
I cant remember the last time i ate kebab, and i've been thinking of specifically going to Mr. Kebab at Quezon Ave. where they serve the best kebab and ox brain that i really love. It's just that well, i havent been to QC at all.

Good thing Persia Grill across our office building is already open, i'd been eyeing the spot beside kitaro since they've been renovating it and put the sign of persia grill months ago.. been anticipating for kebab. The place is a small studio type, but it can seat 30 person. The first thing you'll notice when you enter the place is the way they tried decorating the backroom to look persian...mukhang pilit. Of course that portion is draped with carpet, which seats people waiting for table, and there's a framed rug propped up on the wall. what reallly makes you smile aside from it trying too hard to get the persian ambiance is that the center table is covered with a Bob Marley designed cloth!

Anyways, it took like 10 minutes before my order arrived (not bad considering they have lots of customers and they're still on soft opening, but nevertheless i feel bad because i'm already starving at that point. I so wanted to order pita bread but i was so hungry that i decided to eat rice first since i'm famished and i dont think pita bread alone can satisfy my hunger.... so i ordered the Chelo Kebab Kobideh (charboiled groundbeef with fresh grilled tomatoes and rice) for 195. Mahal no! But what the heck, i've been salivating for kebab for months now. Too bad they dont serve ox brain. But the beef tasted good and as always with any kebab their specials dip is really tasty. Of course, the two tomatoes included in my meal are left uneaten.

The place is ok, food is good but expensive... so if i crave for kebab again, i'll just go to West Ave. and visit Mr. Kebab, afterall they have the best kebab and they serve ox brain.

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