Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and cant sleep again… thoughts start filling up your sleepy mind, thoughts that make you think about life and other things that suddenly seems so right and makes sense and is profound that makes you want to reach for a pen and paper to write it all down, because you know you’ll forget them in the morning… but is too lazy to actually get up and write it down. Yeah you still remember bits and pieces of that thought but its not the same, the intensity and the train of that thought is gone… Or like when you’re traveling and you see something or just remembers something that makes you think and ponder about life but you’ve got neither pen nor paper beside you to write down those thoughts.

Well, it always happen with me, it’s the elusive feeling inside me that doesn’t want to be written down or something, thoughts remain just thoughts until you write it down or put it into action until it becomes tangible. That’ why I wish someone would invent a machine that will automatically record your thoughts and you can just upload that information in the computer for printing or whatever you want to do with the thought… though it would be really scary if every thought that runs in our mind is recorded… so that machine should have an on/off switch. Or we could have this magical power (like Harry Potter) where we can instruct our quills/pen to write down whatever we want.

I know i'm not making any sense at all.... probably means i'm awake right now.. and like these two people in the picture still trying to find/capture my thoughts

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rina said...

the machine should also have a tracking mechanism that will tell you where you left or put your keys, phone,wallet, that would be very useful :)

Daniel Ted said...

Thought recorder...that'd be very cool.

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

thought recorder? But we have it ! It's inside each one of us. It's called "memory". Memory of real facts and memory of dreams :-)

poipraveen said...

Did u ever has the feeling of seeing yourself fully/partially into others.
Im talking abt the very thoughts of yours... your virtue....your way of seeing things in life....most of times we don't talk abt it..reason being people don't understand...if they? They only have abstract idea..
they don't have any kind of idea about implementation.
I would like to see your comments...

Sidney said...

When I sleep... I really sleep ! ;-)
Anyway I can't write so pens and paper are not haunting my nights.
But I regret I can't write well!


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