Friday, August 24, 2007

stand up comedy anyone?

i am so addicted watching bill hicks right now. you should really watch Mr. Bean's stand up comedy videos as well! wayyyy better than his usual tv show which i love. dont forget to look for the great george carlin too. i so love these guys! can't find a local counterpart but still i'm a regular at zirkoh now hehehe.

enjoy this one by bill hicks

4 meow:

reyna elena said...

i like him he's cute! i love stand up comedy too!!!

Anonymous said...

Try mo rin i-search at panoorin si:

Pablo Francisco.

Siya naman ang pinaka-rakenrol na standup comedian para sa'kin. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi I like your I heart Manila site.There are also other memorable spots in the Philippines like Calamba,Laguna where the house of Jose Rizal is,aside from the long stairway in Baguio going to the Grotto and the penitents in Bataan who flog themselves during Holy Week ? And the White Cross in Mount Samat in memory of the brave soldiers who fought in the World War II(or WWII) Also others are Sierra Madre Mountain ranges and the Mount Arayat ?

Anonymous said...

Hi I just wanna say your site is fabulous and as I spent my childhood there I really remember going to the Manila Bay and my father also takes us to the Novaliches area where there is a lot of man size statues of the Stations of the Cross ? I also remember the delightful waters of Corregidor where we went boat riding on Holy Saturday ?


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