Saturday, August 18, 2007

missing Quentin Tarantino

Dang this work! The legendary Quentin Tarantino is here in the Philippines and I don’t have the time to stalk him! Goodness! Don’t know when he’ll leave or if he has already left the country, It just sucks that I’m stuck here in the office! I only get to follow him through news and I just can’t believe that he rode a pedicab to escape traffic on the flooded streets of manila last wednesday! You gotta admire the man!

3 meow:

reyna elena said...

HUH?! KINTEN TARANTINO IN MANILA?! Are you sure he's not looking for me?! Watchi doing there?!

pusa said...

oo reyna!!!! andito sa pinas ang quentin!!! OMG! he received an lifetime achievement chuvaness award from gloria and he's the guest of honor in the attended the cinemalaya event

Poli said...

He was in Gateway! Unfortunately I didn't get to see him because of a stupid exam.


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