Wednesday, August 22, 2007

finally, a breather

Wow! Finally a breather after working over the weekends. Thank you all for dropping by I really appreciated it. And I’d really like to give special thanks to Señor Enrique and Sidney for taking the time to comment, I’m their fan… and they visited my blog! Wow! How cool is that?

I’ve learned that blog is really a powerful tool to express your feelings and what’s more surprising is how people react and listen to your rants and whatever, and gain friends through blog. It’s just amazing!

I should have listened to Señor Enrique’s advised to grab my camera and take pictures to take away the stress. Didn’t realize how much I missed taking pictures and how much fun it is to shoot… I actually stopped taking pictures thinking that it’s taking too much of my time. I’ve learned that taking photos is really a good stress breaker aside from shopping of course.

4 meow:

david santos said...

Hi, good work Pusa, thank you and have a good day

Jerome C. Herrera said...

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Sidney said...

It is never too late to grab a camera. It is not only a good stress breaker but you also learn to look at things that you wouldn't normally notice. Since I took up photography I see things that I never saw before. The smile on a woman’s face, the tears of a child, the hardship of the street vendor, the colors of a flower...
Being a photographer also helped me to connect to very diverse people. From the beggar to the beauty queen, from the artist to the politician, from my neighbor to a beautiful stranger in the street...
Photography breaks walls and it enlarge your view of the world.
Go and grab that camera!
Oh, and thanks for being a fan ! ;-) said...

If may writer's block, I believe there's also a photography-block. Pero once bumalik, enjoy to take pictures again. Hope to see more photos from you soon.


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