Thursday, August 02, 2007

work hard, play harder

I have been very busy these past few weeks and will stay busy until the end of the month. Darn! No matter how much I try to finish work as fast as I can, how much overtime I render, bring work at home on weekends… work keeps on coming twice as fast as I can finish ‘em. The work seem endless and I just wanna say to hell with this all effin stuff but I’m such a freakin workaholic, sometimes I really wonder if I’m a masochist. But ranting about it wont help me, I know that! That’s why I’ve been going out almost every night with my friends to have some fun, the best way to counteract stress. Work hard, but play harder.

6 meow:

reyna elena said...

Maganda ka talaga pusa ka. hehehe

tatlumpong libong isda said...

the cat below's cute (the running cate) and so are you hehe

pusa said...

salamat reyna elena ... ay teka me hehehe pala sa dulo joke lang pala! =)

30 thousand fishes thank you, kamukha
ko talaga ang pusa hihihi

Anonymous said...

Weee okay lang 'yan, ate. Basta 'wag lang kalimutang magpahinga sa tuwing may pagkakataon. Okay din ang chillout.

Talk about chillout, napapadalas din ang nightout ko lately. Saan kayo madalas? Recently, nagiging resident butiki ako du'n sa Eastwood Citywalk kapag Fridays for some party-rakenroling. Tapos sa Greenbelt on a Sunday para sa latenight coffee. Tara ate rakenrol tayo minsan. Ahahay!~

Poli said...

Spot on! Work hard, play harder!

Pero easy-easy lang! Hehe!

Senor Enrique said...

I say grab your camera and take some pictures! Best way to relax and unwind from all that hard work :)


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