Tuesday, September 04, 2007

am not superwoman you know

am not superwoman you know.. .ok, sometimes i could be catwoman but never superwoman. i could be lois lane, heck, i’d love to be her. as i’ve been ranting before, why do they think that i’m superwoman and could make miracles in a blink of an eye!

anyways, for those of you who want to lose weight, get a job and go stress yourself of various deadlines, that would sure make you lose those fats! At it is I’m already having a hard time reaching my goal of 110 lbs which I reached eons ago and how I was jumping with glee but then just last month it dropped to 105, and when I checked today… oh boy! I’m just effin 100 lbs. anyone please donate your fats to me, I seriously need to gain weight.

2 meow:

Anonymous said...

I are back!!! :D

Sabi na nga ba, pareho tayo ng dilemma, kahit kelan.

Medyo worse nga lang 'yung sa'kin. Walang duda na kain-kargador pa rin ako, pero lalo akong pumapayat. Tipong lumuluwag na ang mga shorts ko. Weeeiiirrrd. :(

reyna elena said...

dang! i need to lose weight! i do! i really do! ugh! this blogging thing is not good for your health!

so, i started going to the gym again, ok? cost? i can't blog for PPP no more, at least i was able to earn enough for some prizes but I need to looooossse weight! i am getting pregnant and i don't even have no one!


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