Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mr. C

I’m nervous and excited at the same time for next week to come. Mr. C (my biggest crush) and I are going to meet next week… before you all think of something else I want to inform y’all that it will be a business meeting only. You see, Mr. C recently resigned from our company and put up his own company and he wants to pirate me… and I’m afraid that because of my infatuation with him, I’ll just say yes and won’t think.

I’m not so happy with my current work right now, but I like my job and the perks I’m getting here, besides in here i have staff and I can boss around our sector managers and even our president (evil laugh here). I know that someday I’m going to get bored of this job anyways but right now I’m still enjoying it. Anyways, what I’m saying is, if I accept Mr.C’s offer, this “comfort zone” is not included in his offer… and I’ll still be doing the same type of work since his new company is similar with ours only they are smaller because they are just starting. Hmmm sounds like I’m convincing myself not to accept.

But the thing is, I like working with Mr. C. He’s so intelligent, he knows what he’s doing, he’s so focused, he knows how to negotiate, handle things efficiently, we just get work done smoothly… well that’s why I got a crush on him. Though he has one tiny flaw… he’s not so good at spelling and oh he sucks at excel. But that’s beside the point, the man can produce results! I guess he also liked how I work, otherwise he wont ask me right?

Somehow, our president heard this rumor that I’m leaving the company and he talked with me and begged me to stay saying that they need me, yadda yadda yadda. Whatever!

Should I accept Mr. C’s offer or stay? what should I say?

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reyna elena said...


I don't know if i'm good at this because for one - eye gut nobody! second, tita - dun sa job ko one time, i adore at i love you ko yong boss ko! nung me nakita akong ibang bf, nag-iba syempre, nag-away kami.

now, am i saying na ako ang standard mo? not really dahil indi naman ako role model. i mean, model ako but not role model. hehehe

in any case, personal drama ko? try not to combine the two kasi, pano pag wiz sya ligaw sayo taz mega bitbit sya nang mga bubwits sa opis? baka magtago ka nang itak sa drower mo? know what i mean?

ganun lang.

akin na lang kaya sya?

AAAAhhhhhh ahahahahahaa

Anonymous said...

Wow. It sounds like you have it made where you are at. You will have a better idea after lunch with "C" if that is the person you want to be around 5 days a week for the rest of your working life.

Anonymous said...

makikiraan po...kument na rin...kung saan ka masaya, dun ka ...PERO, minsan, tatlong buwang saya...tatlumpung taong dusa...kung merong potensyal na magkatuluyan kayo ni mr sy, ok yun pero kung tatahiin pa, ewan natin...pero kung medyo daring ka eh it's worth the challenge.


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