Saturday, September 29, 2007

i dont want to be payatot anymore

this nolita ad campaign is really scary! i don't want to end up this thin!

you often hear me complain about how thin i am and that i need to gain weight. so why am i so obsessed in getting fat? i have always been skinny and i have never ever weigh more than 120lbs in my entire life, how sad is that? as a kid the best description they can give me is "payatot".

when i was a kid and would visit relatives (even for like a 2 day vacation), they always vow that they can make me fat or at least help me gain weight... and true enough they feed me, some even getting at lengths to serve me foods that i like (i am pihikan, picky with what i eat, definitely no vegetables for me). even the neighbors always give me snacks, in our house i automatically have the biggest portion... and i dont have any complaints about it =) i can eat anything i want and people still think that i haven't eaten yet, and would give me second to third servings! whenever i start work in a new company the people welcome me with a standard statement that i just have to wait a few months and i'll be fat... sadly it never happened, ever! and somehow i feel that i've disappointed everyone because they weren't able to make me fat.

i often wonder how it feels like to be fat, or at least have some flesh that when you pinch yourself you dont immediately feel your bones. i eat junk foods and drink lots of soda a lot because they could make you fat. please help me gain weight, just dont give me crap about eating healthy and start eating vegetables!

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reyna elena said...


kahit ano
basta makapal ang mantikaaaa!!

Senor Enrique said...

Really scary.

But I was once backstage of a major 7th Avenue runway show, and the A models -- stripped of those couture clothing -- looked like this anorexia poster child.

kite said...

npadaan lng po at makikisabat na indi mo try mag-take ng vacation ung as in vacation tlaga ung wla kng ibng gagawin kundi kumain at ma2log..kumain at ma2log...kumain at ma2log..kumain at kumain uli...iwasang mag-puyat at hands off and stay away muna sa mga problema at santambak na files s office....;)

Anonymous said...

Sabi na nga ba at talagang magkakasundo tayo pagdating sa ganyang bagay.

Eat, eat, eat, without getting fat, fat fat.

In my 23 years of my life, ang pinakamabigat na weight ko pa lang e 120lbs. Kahit walong beses na akong kumain sa isang araw at kaing-kargador ang appetite ko, wala pa rin.

Gusto ko rin namang magkaroon ng taba, 'noh. :D

tutubi said...

you don't look so thin in your pics. I, too, am slim and i can eat so much without adding weight. not in a hurry to be fat though, normal would be like it :)

btw, found your blog on technorati when you linked me up

Poli said...

The picture is disturbing.

You ectomorphs are unfair! Haha!

carlotta said...

when you get fat, all you'll get are insults from nosy relatives who remind you every day of your life how fat you are. siguro nagsawa lang ako sa mga paratang ng mga kamag-anak kong pakialamera kahit di naman ako super taba talaga.

mukhang ok nga yan, di ka tumataba kahit anong kain mo. you can eat any kind of fattening food without feeling guilty. =)

dumaan mula kay seƱor enrique =)

carlotta said...

honga pala, kung gaining weight din naman ang pag-uusapan, magbakasyon ka sa US kahit one month lang, siguradong tataba ka dun. ^^

Pink Biik said...

Reyna!!! Why did you let your wife Matilda expose her body like this? hello pusang maganda. Just dropping by to say halo!

kitty said...

waaahh buti ka pa... ako nung payatot ako noon sabi nila "pataba ka naman, iha" ngayon namang tumaba ako, "papayat ka naman, iha.." hmphh hindi ko na alam I wish I can be in the middle hehee grabehh.. I saw your pic jumping tama lang namang 120 lbs sayo eh, as long as hindi 90 or 80 naku, problema na yun =/ you are blessed hehe


Uy! swerte mo naman.. u can eat whatever, but u hardly gain any weight? pwedeng pahingi ng DNA mo? lol.. anw, nice pics.. i like the manila thingy..

I'll be back.


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