Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pusa beyond the beaches

it is a fact that i love the beach... but i have also been trying other stuff whenever i am out of town

pusa beyond the beaches :)

 zipline at tagaytay

 reef walking at boracay

 white water rafting at cagayan de oro

 snorkeling ( the best snorkeling experience i had is at bohol)

 edge coaster at cebu

 skywalk at cebu

 spelunking at sumaguing cave in sagada

ooopps sorry a lot of them still had something to do with water but nonetheless i still have to try the zorb ball, bungee jumping, diving, para sailing, what else?

so does this mean i am not afraid of water even though i do not know how to swim? YES
not afraid of heights? YES! i am superwoman remember :)
tireless? Not really but if its for travel and photo opps YES

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Kriza Marie Ardon said...

Cool photos. You look amazing and you're very adventurous. Good thing you have visit Cagayan and experience d the water rafting so how do find it? :) Thanks for sharing your experienced.

Cagayan de oro Rafting


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