Monday, February 28, 2011

for all cheapskates

love discount? i do!!! i am a certified cheapskate hehehe.
that's why i am so happy that these group buying with discounts are proliferating the philippines internet market :)

you'll be amazed at the deals they offer and i wanna buy them all! but i dont have all the money in the world yet so i just try to buy those stuff that i really really want but its kinda hard to let go of those deals that are really good when you dont have money huhuhuhu...i really really wanted the regency deal on boracay with parasailing but cant get it because i still have an upcoming trip to puerto princesa and ilocos. .. sigh so many good deals so little money and time!

well anyways since the start of joining i have already purchased 2 coupons: one is a special japanese hair treatment worth 2000 and just got it for less than 1k (more than 50% discount) and another one is a great dining experience, i still have to use my two vouchers, and a friend of mine gave me a massage coupon for my birthday, which i still have to use.  so i say bring 'em discounts on and let us enjoy good life :D

 here are the list of discount sites that i have joined and you should check them out too.

UPDATE: these group buying coupon discount websites are sure growing in numbers!  hooray so here's an addition to the list sites offering great discounts... and most of them offer some freebies / raffles to their members which is also a big plus... taht's what you good when you have many of them, they get competitive making the consumers the winners at the end of the day :)

    3 meow:

    PJ Hain said...

    hi, can u please contact me here, i cant find another way to contact you.

    pusa said...

    @pj hain - hi. You can easily contact me through this blog or send me an email at

    Pierre Cruise said...

    I would like to add up on your list the Wow Deal . Thank you.


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