Sunday, February 06, 2011

hello kitty iPhone4 case

since i got pandora i have been searching for a very nice hello kitty iphone4 case or cover for her... of course i only want to cover pandora with hello kitty.. it has to be hello kitty or nothing at all! hehehe. besides im missing my kittyfied iphone.

after scouring mall stores for hello kitty case i gave up, coz either they have only the usual iphone4 casing or some characters that i am not interested to have, i searched online and found too many cute hello kitty iphone4 case but i know the shipping would cost me more than the merchandise itself and i cant wait that long... so i found myself scouring 168 mall at divisoria and lucky me i found these (sa murang murang halaga!) bwahahaha :D

2 meow:

Alexa said...

Hehe adik ka pare!

pusa said...

weh? di nga? LOL


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