Friday, February 11, 2011


i have been considering getting a prescription glass for quite sometime already because i was bothered the last time i visited an ophthalmologist for check up due to eye irritation... you know that whatever eye infection/irritation or problem it is SOP with these eye doctors to check you vision and have you read through the eye exam chart and it bothered me to know that my vision is no longer 20/20! :(

i was told it is still okay but nevertheless i want to correct the problem and get back my 20/20 vision hehehe so i was scouring for stylish and affordable glasses, i have been looking for cats eye glass but not that radical in shape but kind of cat eye shape, i think you know what i'm saying, and i found this online glasses and fell in love with the design!

dont you just love vintage frames? but i am in a dilemma because i also like this one... so what do you think should fit me best?
good thing is that warby parker allows home try of 5 pairs for 5 days with no extra charge. now excuse me while i look for other 3 design that i would like to try on.  and did i mention that it is cheap-o just 95$ (lenses included plus free shipping and returns) great deal huh

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