Sunday, February 27, 2011

meow top recommended free iPhone apps

i love iPhone and the endless apps you can download, play, and tinker with. sharing with you my top favorite iPhone apps and i highly recommend these too and best of all these awesome apps are free :D

lets start with the best free iPhone apps utilities that are really very handy:

1. Find My iPhone 

This application is the first app you should install in your iPhone! it really works pretty neat, can easily track down where your iPhone is, just in case you misplace it or worse somebody stole your iPhone, you would pretty know instantly where your iPhone is. Find My iPhone, download here

2. Converter Plus

The best converter apps available in the market and it is for free! download converter plus here

3. Genius Scan

i really love this feature coz most of my online time is spent using iPhone, and the best handy camera i always have with me is the iPhone camera, and there are times i need to send some documents even if i am in a remote place and this genius scan apps come in handy. you just take a picture of a receipt or document you need to send, it automatically convert the picture into .pdf like it was really scanned. no matter how crappy you took the picture of your document this genius scan apps fix it for you. its like a pocket scanner! download genius scan here.

best free iPhone photography apps

1. PS Express

simply the best, your pocket photoshop on the go, iPhone 4 camera is really very good, which is why i seldom use my slr and point shoot now a days, but this PS express really comes handy if you still want to enhance your photo or add effects, i love the 4picture in 1 the best.  download PS express here.

2. TiltShiftGen

if you love miniature effect in photos like me, this is the best apps for you, instantly create a miniature effect :) download it here

3. Color Effects

pretty cool effect, instantly turn your photo into black and white and you can do a selective scheme which part of your photo you want to have color, or totally give it your own color interpretation. download color effects here.

4. Retro Camera

gives instant old effect or lomo effect in your photos. download retro camera here.

5. ShakeIt Lite

love old school stuff? polaroid? yup you get you own polaroid effect photo using this apps.  download it here

best iPhone games

1. angry birds

i guess everyone has heard of angry birds, this game is so addicting, i couldnt get enough of the free version and had to ask my dearest to buy the full version for me hehehe. just to kills those annoying green pigs. this game has kept me awake till the wee hours of the morning, spent all my idle and waiting time playing angry birds. again this is a warning, this game is very addictive! download angry birds here

2. Unblock Me

best 2d puzzle there is , have 400 levels for each level, addicting how you figure out how to get that damn red block out hehehe. dowload unblock me here

3. talking tom

he is just adorable, cant keep the kids giggling, annoyingly cute how he mimic whatever you say... just go download talking tom here

i still have tons of free recommended games and utilities apps for iphone but this is too long already, so far these apps will keep you busy in a while and i know you'll enjoy it much 

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