Tuesday, January 04, 2011

hello kitty nail art (part 2)

hello kitty!!!! hehehehe be prepared for hello kitty overdose my dearies hehehe..

it seems that i'm not the only girl who wants a kittyfied nails! there have been tons of visitors from my last hello kitty nail art post so i might as well share you beautiful pictures of hello kitty nails :)

enjoy! if i would have my nails done right now.. this would definitely be it!

all photos are from becomegorgeous.com

4 meow:

Anonymous said...

Hi there agnes! happy new year..

pusa said...

happy new year din... who u? hahahah parang text lang, but seriously sino po sila?

Mayet said...

Happy New Year!
I guess, I'm too old for Hello Kitty nails;)

Hello Kitty Nails said...

Very nice nails.. These days girls really adopt that kind of trends..


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